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Nzingha Gaines

Registered Clinical Social Work Intern (MSW)


Individuals 13 to end of life and families and couples.

Nzingha Gaines is a Registered Clinical Social Work Intern with over 30 years of Clinical Social Work experience. She completed her Bachelor’s degree in Social Work at Andrews University in Berrien Springs, MI in 1992 and received her Master’s degree in Social Work 12 months later having been accepted into the first Cohort of the Accelerated MSW Program at Walla Walla College in College Place, WA.

Nzingha has provided mental health, substance abuse, prevention, sexual assault victim’s advocacy, forensic interviews, crisis intervention and trauma informed services to children, adolescents, adults, couples, families, older adults and those receiving end of life care. She has served in multiple settings to include but not limited to outpatient, inpatient, residential, group homes, youth shelters, domestic violence shelters, secured facilities, psychiatric hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, hospice, hospital (ER, medical - surgical ICUs), community emergency crisis response team, afterschool programs and public school settings.

Currently, Nzingha is serving individuals 13+, and couples in the following areas: Conduct Disorders, Anger Management, Emotional Regulation (with attention to empaths and highly sensitive people), primary & secondary survivors of domestic violence & sexual assault, abuse/assault related PTSD (shame & displaced identity), dysfunctional/toxic relationships (couples, family, work environment), and parenting / co-parenting.

Nzingha’s approach is client centered and strength based. She incorporates multiple therapeutic modalities including: CBT, Solution Focused Therapy, Interactive (learning modalities), Mindfulness Techniques, Metaphysical Concepts, and Motivational Interviewing.

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