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Preguntas Más Frecuentes

How do I start services?

The easiest way to start Mental Health services is by calling our Front Desk, Monday-Friday from 8am to 5pm.

Can you see Clients in the Hospital, Hospice or Rehabilitation Facilities?

Unfortunately, no. Insurance will not allow it. 

What is the deadline to turn in my new patient packet and insurance card?

To avoid having your visit cancelled, our policy is that all new patients must turn in their paperwork no later than 24 business hours before their appointment. ​

¿Qué puedo esperar en mi primera visita?

When you come in for the first visit, you will meet with your Therapist and complete a full evaluation where you will be asked about your past history, your family history, medical history, and social history. At that time, you will work with the Therapist to develop a treatment plan based on your needs. The visit will take between 60-90 minutes. 

¿Qué sucede si pierdo o cancelo una visita?

If you miss a visit there is a $10 fee.

If you call to cancel or reschedule at least 2 hours before your visit there is no fee.

If you miss or cancel 3 visits in the same month, you may be terminated from services.

¿Qué sucede si dejo de venir a todos mis servicios?

We will make attempts to contact you, but if there is no response we will close the case and email you a termination letter. 

You are welcome to return at a later day, however, appointments and therapists are subject to availability. 

What is the age range of the patients you see?

We have Therapists that see children as young as 6 years of age and adults all the way to end of life. 

What kind of Insurance do you accept?

Most Medicaid (NOT THE GOLD CARD), Most Health Insurance, Medicare, most Medicare Advantage Plans, and Tricare.

Where do you provide services?

We have an office in Cape Coral and in Ft. Myers. The addresses are on our Homepage. We also offer Telehealth. When available, we can do Therapy in Nursing Homes also (Assisted Living Facilities and Independent Living only). 

¿Puedo hacer EMDR a través de Telesalud(virtual)?

Yes it's possible, but you need to be sure your Internet connection is reliable. And you have to be evaluated by the Therapist to make sure you are a good candidate. 

How can I pay my bill?

Nuestra recepción cobra copagos, coseguros y visitas de pago propio los viernes en Cape y los jueves en Ft.Myers.

Nuestra póliza es que cada Cliente, independientemente de su seguro, deje una forma de pago en sus archivos. Esto mantiene a todas las partes al día con los pagos y evita retrasos en los servicios debido a falta de pago.

Puede solicitar que le envíen un recordatorio por mensaje de texto esos días.

Puede optar por traer un cheque, incluso si tiene una forma de pago registrada. Todos los pagos con cheque vencen el día de la visita al consultorio o a más tardar el día 15 del mes.

No tenemos efectivo a mano, por lo que si decide pagar en efectivo, sepa que necesitará tener el cambio exacto.

Si es un paciente establecido, también puede consultar sus cargos en el Portal de Terapia.

What happens if I don't pay my bill? 

Si se niega a pagar, lo primero que haremos será suspender todos los servicios.

Si el monto ha excedido los $120, es posible que esté sujeto a cobro, aunque tratamos de evitarlo a toda costa ofreciendo planes de pago manejables.

Do you assist with applications for disability benefits?

That is not a service we provide. 

Do you assist with applications for Emotional Support Animals or Service Animals?

We are not qualified to certify service animals. However we are able to write a letter for an Emotional Support Animal. The cost is $60 and you have to be seen at least 3x to establish history of services. 

What Insurance providers do you accept?

Aceptamos Medicare Parte B, Aetna, Cigna, United Health Care (Optum), Florida Blue/BCBS, Staywell (Wellcare), Sunshine Health, Ambetter from Sunshine, Vivida Health (Beacon), Florida Medicaid, Health Advocate, Humana Commercial y Medicaid. , Magellan, Meritian Health, Simply Healthcare, Tricare, UMR, Unicare.

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