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Camp VitaminC Councilor

For decades, Brooke Diaz has written advertising copy for some of the nation’s most notable retail and beauty brands. Throughout her journey, she turned to exercise, meditation, and volunteering with children’s organizations to balance the demands of her career.
The strength, confidence and peace that exercise and meditation brought to her life was tangible—and she wanted to share it—with kids. With that vision, Camp Vitamin C™ was born. Her mission: To create community, confidence, character, collaboration, and calm for children.
Brooke, a Certified Meditation Instructor and Brand X Method™ Youth Coach, is also a contributor to The wife and mother of two teaches movement, strength & meditation for children ages 5-10 at The Factory at Paradise Coast Sports Complex in Naples and The Traveling Therapist Spa & Emotional Wellness Clinic in Fort Myers.

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