Spa & Holistic Wellness Services

These services are offered through our Clinic by our talented Spa and Holistic experts. You may find here services for facials, massage therapy, Reiki, Tarot Reading, Weight Management, Child Wellness, Medical Counseling, Motherhood, Meditation and much more....

Each provider has set their own prices and they each have their own websites also, feel free to click on their associated links to find out more about their services and specialties. 

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Our knowledgeable Wellness Practitioner offers

Motherhood Wellness Services-Specializing in Self-Care & Wellness from pre-Pregnancy thru First-Year Post Partum.

Childhood Wellness--Supporting Self-Care with Food, Stress-Anxiety-Mood, Sleep & Exercise Management

Digestive Wellness--Wellness and Self-Care involving Specialized Food Plans  that target healthy Cooking options, Food Sensitivities & Food Anxiety. 

All these important life concerns can be addressed by our Wellness Practitioner Kerry Umphrey, NBC-HWC, FMCHC, BApsych. at some point in time, everyone has probably felt like the answers that our traditional medical doctors provide are not cutting it anymore. Kerry's session includes a Full Intake during initial visit, with 40mins dedicated to establishing a comprehensive Treatment Plan. Followed by regular 40min sessions that follow the established plan. Kerry will also make herself available to collaborate with your already established doctor, to ensure a cohesive experience of care. 

Butterfly Life Wellness