Available Services

Psychotherapy Cash Fees

  • Individual Telehealth $65

  • Individual in Office $70

  • Couples Telehealth $75

  • Couples in Office $80

  • Family in Office Only $100

*Note: Family Therapy is not offered via Telehealth. Couples counseling is also not recommended for Telehealth unless the couple is not able to come into the office. 

Spa Services

  • Facials- 45mins starting at $150

    • Masknes Break Out ​

    • Razor Recovery 

    • Stop the Clock

    • Be Gentle

    • Plump the Volume

    • Fade Away

  • Tenuem Led Mask

    • Facial 40mins $100​

    • Peel Me Booster 40min $130

    • Hydrating Mask 30min $90

  • Waxing

  • Foot Scrub Inc. Massage

  • Rejuvenating Hand Scrub Inc. Massage

  • Time Travel Service

*Note: Add-Ons are not included with the posted price, your Aesthetician will discuss any available added services during your consultation. 

EMDR/Trauma Therapy

  • Individual Telehealth $65

  • Individual in Office $70

*Note: EMDR is not provided for couples or families. 

Psycho-education Evaluations needed for 504/IEP Plans

  • For pricing and information on testing please contact the Front Desk at 239-354-7187 to schedule a complimentary 30min evaluation with our Licensed School Psychologist Vanessa Nank. 

*Note: The complimentary evaluation does not constitute an assessment, to schedule testing you will need to call the Front Desk after the evaluation to create an account and complete the new patient paperwork. Additionally information provided during the 30min evaluation will be based solely on the information provided and does not constitute a medical recommendation. 

Basic IQ Testing & Report

  • Individual in Office Only $260

*Note: This service is offered to children ages      6-18y.o in the Ft. Myers office only.