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Eye Movement Desensitization & reprocessing therapy

Traumatic events can be defined as life threatening events, or every day life events. If you are not able to properly deal with the feelings, thoughts, and emotions that come along with these events, you may experience disturbing feelings, nightmares, flashbacks, and changes in your mood and behavior. This can affect your every day life by disturbing your sleep, work and even personal life.


A health related behavior survey given to active duty service members in 2015 found, that (Meadows et al; 2018)

  • 26% of Military members used at least one Mental Health resource in the past year. 

  • 36% of Military members endorsed feeling that they needed Mental Health care but did not seek services. 

The most common reasons  for these low percenteges were, concerns about career and the different types of stigma. In total these numbers demonstrate that over 50% of our Military members agree that they could use Mental Health support. That is where EMDR can help.